Révérence Studios is pleased to announce that our 10th Spring Recital, “Kingdom,”  will be held on Saturday , May 19, 2018  in the auditorium of Mechanicsburg  Middle School at 10:30AM & 2PM.  The dress rehearsals will be on Thursday, May 17 at 5:30PM & 7:30PM at Mechanicsburg Middle School

Recital Dates to Note

January 8-12:  In-class costume measurements  (students should wear tights and leotard on costume measurement days–no bulky warm-up clothing should be worn, please) January 18:  Written Notification of any student not performing in the recital due January 18:  Performance agreement (filled out online) and non-refundable costume deposit of $40 due February 18:  Remainder of non-refundable costume fee due March 1:  Cover Design Contest Entries and Advertisements due (cover contest entries must be submitted at the front desk in the studio and advertisements must be submitted online) May 12-16: In-Studio Rehearsals at Reverence Studios (Students will only need to attend during their scheduled rehearsal time during this week.  There are no regular classes this week–only in-studio rehearsals.  See the Recital Parent Spreadsheet for information on when your child(ren) need to be at the studio this week.) May 17 at 5:30 & 7:30PM:  Dress Rehearsals at Mechanicsburg Middle School *Note: Students are required to attend all scheduled rehearsals in order to participate in the recital.  Rehearsals are factored into May’s tuition rates. May 19 at 10:30AM & 2:00PM:  Recitals at Mechanicsburg Middle School

Fee Information

All costumes are to be purchased and kept by the students.  The family discount applies to tuition only–not to costumes.  Families with multiple siblings Costume must pay the individual rate per costume. Costume Fee for 2018:  $57/1 costume If students are in multiple classes and need to purchase multiple costumes, each additional costume is $30/costume.  Costumes must be paid through checks made payable to Reverence Studios or cash–no credit card or PayPal or bank withdraws will be accepted.

Costume Fee for 2018:  $57/1 costume

If students are in multiple classes and need to purchase multiple costumes, each additional costume is $30/costume.  Costumes must be paid through checks made payable to Reverence Studios or cash–no credit card or PayPal or bank withdraws will be accepted.

2018 Example Costume Fee for 1 Student in Multiple Classes:

2 Classes/Costumes

  • Costumes must be paid through checks made payable to Reverence Studios

3 Classes/Costumes

  • Costumes must be paid through checks made payable to Reverence Studios

4 Class/Costumes

  • Costumes must be paid through checks made payable to Reverence Studios

As a courtesy, Reverence Studios offers families the opportunity to pay for their costumes with different deposit dates.  Many families choose to pay the entire fee at once (which is great) by the January 18 date.  If you prefer to pay in deposits, please keep in mind that the first deposit of $40 is due by January 18, and the second deposit (the remainder) is due February 18.   Please remember that, until we receive the full cost of the costumes from parents, Reverence Studios is fronting the money for this purchase.  As a small business who is committed to paying our bills on time, we ask that you pay your bills on time so that we can pay our bills on time.  We will not order any costumes for students unless we receive the initial costume deposit or costume fee paid in full from parents by January 18.

Costuming, Hair, and Accessories

Make-Up:  Tasteful make-up that is used to enhance the female students’ natural features is permissible and recommended, but not required for the dress rehearsal and recital.  Light lipstick, blush, eye shadow/liner, and mascara will help the students’ facial features stand out under the bright stage lights.  Students who choose to wear make-up should come to the dress rehearsal and recital with it already on.  Male students should not wear make-up.

Hair:  All female students with long hair should wear it neatly pinned back with bobby pins in a secured bun or French twist, unless otherwise specified in the “accessories” section on the spreadsheet.  Students with shorter hair should pin half of their hair back so that it is not all down and swinging in their face.  All hair should be styled and sprayed before the students arrive at the location.  Students may not wear any bright clips or accessories in their hair, unless it is specifically part of their costume.    Any costume hair accessory should be worn to the right side of the dancer’s bun or French twist, unless it is a headband.  Teachers of older students may have a different way they want students to wear their hair, but they will specifically let students know in class.  If you do not hear from a teacher on hair, please refer to this paper.

Accessories:  No bracelets, necklaces, perfume, facial piercings, colored nail polish, or dangle/hoop earrings may be worn.  Students are permitted to wear ‘diamond’ or ‘pearl’ stud earrings.  Older female students should wear a bra, and all of the costumes allow for students to wear a black leotard underneath for additional modesty if they so desire.  Underwear should be flesh-colored or the same color as the costume so that it does not show through.  Please see Page 6 for a full list of required accessories, as some costumes DO require leotards or tank tops underneath.

Costumes:  The staff and I have prayed and spent much time trying to find modest, reasonably priced, cute, and flattering costumes.  Pictures of the costumes will be posted in the reception area at the studio in  December.  For additional modesty, students are permitted to wear a short-sleeved or tank top black leotard underneath their costume (must be purchased by parent).  Please let Miss Kirsten know if you plan to do that when we are measuring for costumes, to allow for additional space in costuming.  We will be measuring students for costumes in mid-January.  Once the costumes are delivered, they will be distributed to students during their class time (end of April or beginning of May).

Between the time that costumes are delivered and the recital, please do not allow your child to wear or play in their costume.  Costumes are difficult to wash, and can take a long time to reorder.  They should be hung neatly and out of the reach of pets and small children.  I encourage parents to mark their child’s name on the inside of dance shoes and costumes.  Students should wear the first costume they are dancing in to the dress rehearsal and recital and carry their shoes in a bag.

Rehearsal and Recital FAQs

I am so proud of my polite and wonderful students, as well as thankful for my wonderful and involved parents! This is just a list of helpful information from years past and questions parents often have during the recital process.

Can I Take Pictures?

Please refrain from taking flash photography during the recital.  With the dark auditorium and the lighted stage, all the bright flashes are a huge distraction to the people in the audience and the students on stage.  It is for the safety of the performers, as well as the enjoyment of people in the audience that this rule is in place.  The students will be dismissed in their costumes for you to take pictures after the recital.  

Can I Take a Video of the Recital or Dress Rehearsal?

Due to copyright restrictions, to protect the students with limited distribution, and to avoid video cameras obstructing view during the recital, personal videotaping of the recital and rehearsal is prohibited (this includes digital cameras and cell phones) and will be enforced this year.   The recital will be filmed by professionals at multi-camera angles and available for purchase for $30 each.  Patrons seen ignoring this request will be escorted out of the recital.

Will I have to buy tickets for the recital?

Unless you are a backstage class mother on the recital day itself, then yes.  All other volunteers and audience members will be required to purchase tickets.  You WILL need proof of ticket purchase in order to get into the recital and the dress rehearsal (you’ll just need to show your ticket at the dress rehearsal).  This year we will be selling recital tickets online again for a cost of $15/each.  If any tickets are left and for sale at the door, you will be able to purchase them for $20/each.  Children under the age of 3 who can sit on laps do not need a ticket.  Look for them to go on sale in April, and keep checking your email for more information!

What if my children are in two different recitals? Will I need to purchase two sets of tickets?

Miss Kirsten tried her best NOT to have that happen for as many people as possible, but please understand that with over 300 students and 200 families at Reverence, it is nearly impossible to accommodate everyone in that situation.  If you have a situation where your young child is in two different recitals, or two of your children are in two different recitals with no overlapping, we ask that you contact Miss Kirsten at kirsten@reverencestudios.com by March 17.  As a courtesy to those in that unique situation only, it is Miss Kirsten’s pleasure as a business owner to offer a certain number of free recital tickets for one of the shows.  We have a threshold in place to keep it fair, but Miss Kirsten considers every request on an individual case-by-case basis.

When will DVDs be on sale?

You will be able to order your DVD when you order your recital tickets (please do not turn in any orders before).  Our goal this year is to get recital DVDs finished by the end of June, so please pray for us! 🙂

Can I Move Around the Auditorium During the Show?

Not unless it involves an emergency or crying child, please.  Keep in mind that not only is constantly getting up a distraction to those around you, but the performers can see you from the stage.  All the students in all the classes have worked very hard to perform.   Persons who may need to exit during the show are encouraged to purchase seats in the back out of respect for the other guests and performers.

Will you have flowers and Reverence wear on sale at the recital?

Absolutely!  Flowers are an appropriate and expected gift for dancers at a recital.  We recommend purchasing yours in advance from a local florist, but in case you forget we have a limited number on sale at the show.

Can I pick my child up early from the recital? I have a special situation (my kid has a birthday party to attend, we decided to leave for vacation at 3:00PM on May 19, I don’t feel like watching the entire recital). Can I pick up my child backstage before the recital is done?

Absolutely not.  Students may leave or watch the show after they are done performing during the dress rehearsal, but must stay backstage in the gym throughout the duration of the entire recital.  Unfortunately, due to limited seating, performers are not able to watch the recital.  AND, due to security reasons, parents will be unable to pick their performers up until the end of the recital from the stage.  We absolutely cannot have people coming back to the gym where the students wait to pick up performers early.  It just gets too chaotic and we have to maintain a certain level of security backstage.  Please do not ask Miss Kirsten or any of the staff for any special treatment because it puts us in a very uncomfortable position.  To be fair to everyone, we are just going to say no across the board.  Performing in the recital only happens once a year and it is a special day for all the students.  We DO expect recital dancers to stay for the entire recital program.  It is under 2 hours (less than a movie in the theater!) and it is disrespectful to other audience members AND to the performers and staff who have worked so hard when people get up and move around the auditorium during the show.  

If I’m running late for the recital, will you hold the show for me to find my seat?

No.  We start the recitals on time to ensure they end on time.  With 1000 people in attendance at each recital, it takes a LONG time for people to find their seats.  We recommend that you arrive in plenty of time to park (sometimes you need to walk a distance from your parking space and that takes time) and find your seat before the show starts.

My child can’t go the length of the recital or their expected time at the dress rehearsal without eating a snack. Are snacks permitted?

Mechanicsburg Middle School has a policy that students are not permitted to eat or drink anything except for water in the gym, so we try to be respectful of that.  As a dancer for 30 years (and those of you who are athletes will support me in this), I can tell you that eating right before you go on stage is NEVER a good idea anyway.  We recommend feeding your children before and after the show, and sending them with water while they are in the gym.  Students who have to stay for both dress rehearsals are welcome to pack a dinner for themselves and eat it in the lobby of the school, after checking in with their class parent.  On the recital day, students who participate in both shows should pack a lunch to eat in the cafeteria.  If your child has a medical issue where they need to eat, his/her parents are to check in with Kim Magee (who is in charge of the entire backstage area) on the dress rehearsal and recital days.  

How long will my child need to stay at the dress rehearsal?

Your child will need to stay through their stage rehearsal time and then they may leave.  We will have the program order posted in May so you will know the approximate time.

What is the schedule during recital week? And will I go out of my mind with craziness?:

I can’t promise you that you won’t go out of your mind.  The recital week is BUSY for everyone (especially for the staff, volunteers, and I) and it is a different schedule than the rest of the school year.  But, I CAN promise you that we have tried to lay everything out as easily as possible in the Recital Parent Spreadsheet that is available to you online so that you can know in advance of what your requirements are.  Take a look at the Recital Parent Spreadsheet and all the Q&A’s and dates, so that you are fully informed before making the decision about your child participating in the recital.  Please remember that the recital is a fun, exciting, and special time for the students to showcase all that they have learned in their dance classes, and we try to make it as easy as possible for parents and students.  Performing in the recital is a commitment that we hope students and parents honor.

We also ask that all Reverence parents and students keep a positive attitude about the recital process from beginning to end because that makes it more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.  I understand that you have a lot to juggle between multiple kids and family activities and work, but I also know that everyone else at the studio is in the same boat as you.  The studio staff also have families and other jobs that they juggle and rearrange during recital week.  When we keep everything in perspective, when we remember that recital week is just one week out of the year that we have to juggle a little bit more, and when we understand that everything runs more smoothly when we all work together as a team for one goal (to put on a great and special recital!), it is a much more enjoyable and special process for everyone involved.

We will be having a special parent meeting in the spring prior to the recital for any new Reverence parents, but in the meantime you are always welcome to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns that you don’t find answered in the recital information.  My phone number is 717-649-9888 and my email is kirsten@reverencestudios.com.  As a note, it’s really hard for me to keep track of Facebook messages (I lose them or forget about them), so contacting me by email or phone is best.  Thanks!  -Miss Kirsten