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El Emet/Cor Ignis Dancers

The El Emet Trainee Program began in 2010 as a way for students between the ages of 12-16 years old to grow in their dance, theater, and ministry experience.  Auditions for the program are held at the end of each school year, and students learn a challenging and meaningful 20 minute presentation to perform at churches, organizations, and community events.  Throughout the past three years, students have had the opportunity to serve and perform at local and out of state churches, local and out of the area ministry organizations, nursing homes, and even the Harrisburg Arts Fest!

El Emet is Hebrew for “God of Truth.”  Emet itself means faithfulness, firmness, and reliability.  It is found in Scripture in Psalm 31:5.  The goal of the El Emet Trainee Program is to, with dance and performance, express the God of Truth, and the blessings and new life that come from accepting Him.

Cor Ignis (“Heart of Fire”) Contemporary Dance Company is the senior dance company of Reverence Studios for students between the ages of 16 and 18, Central Pennsylvania’s Christian Dance Studio.  It exists to fulfill the word of Jeremiah 20:9 and spread the hope of Christ like wildfire through dance.

El Emet and Cor Ignis are available to perform at your church or community event.  Please contact Reverence Studios for more information on this wonderful ministry!

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