Révérence Studios was founded in 2008, and is now celebrating its sixth year as a dance studio dedicated to sharing the hope of Jesus Christ through excellence in dance and the arts.  Open to students of any age, our classroom environment promotes and celebrates strong technical and spiritual training in an encouraging and inspirational environment.

With well over 200 students enrolled in our dance program, Révérence Studios is thrilled to offer students many opportunities to grow in their dancing through our touring student dance trainee program, student leadership program, spring recitals, Biblically-based dance productions, summer dance programs, dance missions trips, and weekly dance classes.  We recognize that students dance for many different reasons, and hire teachers who share our vision to promote excellence, faith, creativity, and fun through dance.

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It is our heart’s desire to follow God’s leading as an organization, and to be at a place where we can best serve in His kingdom.  We pray that our ministry is a blessing to you.

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